I Get To.

I have a magic wand. For the past few years I’ve gotten better at performing magic but the process was a bit messy and labor intensive. It involved incantations. It required complete focus, attention, and the space to practice and memorize my magic words. If I went too long between magic tricks, I often ended up forgetting where I placed my cape. At times I was too exhausted to reshuffle my magic deck of cards or place the rabbit back in the black hat, just the right way. Sometimes it seemed easier to live without the magic and suffer the burden of doing everything the hard way.

But then the magic wand found me and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I Get To.

I wave those 3 words through the atmosphere and… *poof*… my whole To-Do list transforms into privileges. It works every time. Immediately. I used to listen to motivational podcasts to get into an uplifted mood. Not necessary anymore. I say, “I get to” followed by whatever I’m doing in the moment or thinking about in the future, and I have my boost. It’s really cool.

I get to do laundry. Immediately I start feeling grateful for my clothing, water, modern machines, time, money, arms to carry the basket, and legs to get down the stairs. I get to brush my teeth. Luxury of good dental hygiene, anyone? I get to walk outside on a brisk day and feel the wind against my cheek. What does that mean to me? It means my legs, spine, feet and senses work, I have the freedom to be outside, and I am getting exercise. You see the pattern? I get to pay bills. How lucky I am to have benefited from these things on the bill. And once I get started, I can’t stop. Every mundane activity and chore turns into a gift.

What’s the effect on things that in any circumstance I’d celebrate? Well, those transform into explosions of delight! I get to go to parties. I get to entertain in my new home. I get to be with my family. I get to write my blogs. I get to be surrounded by community. I get to see the foliage change in stunningly dramatic ways. I get to enjoy time with my husband. Now I’m in a magical vortex and am downright giddy.

Sometimes I might be experiencing something that I want to give back. How does the magic work then? My wand waves and I realize that I get to feel all of the emotions. That’s the gift of being in this life and experiencing so much of what it has to offer. If I’m sad, worried, anxious, angry, hurt, ashamed, or in any other way emotionally uncomfortable, I’m lucky. I’m not self-medicating and I’m not hiding. And when I’m ready to focus on something that brings me happiness once again, I get to experience the relief and joy that comes with the lifting of the dark cloud. And that’s an incredible feeling.

I know I can choose my mindset. I just didn’t realize I’d find such a magically easy way to do so.

Abracadabra – What are some things that you get to do?

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