Proud with a Heavy Heart

Have you ever had an experience where you were elated and heartbroken at the same time? Proud, with a heavy heart? I did recently, at a workshop called Chronic Illness and Gender Confirmation Surgery. I’m going to guess that you have not attended a session about this topic.  Neither had I until last weekend. This was […]

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Seizures and Serenity

It is amazingly powerful to hear your son tell you that even with all the recent hardships he’s experienced, that today he is thankful. I am visiting Z for a few days and we are sitting on the beach relaxing and chatting. He tells me that he is in such a better place than he […]

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It’s all about the mindset

The same sky. Similar sounds. But knowing I’m in Rome makes even the ambulance sounds and construction smells feel romantic.  Opening my window each morning to look out on the apartment building next door is thrilling. If I was at home, probably not as much. It’s all about my mindset.  And the cool part is, I […]

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