My New Years Day is in July

For most people, their time to reflect on fulfillment and resolutions is January. For some people, the time of reckoning and planning follows a school calendar and is September.  Some others wait for their cultural or religious new years’ schedules. I am realizing that although I try to set intentions for my year at each […]

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Living with my Greatest Fear

Two celebrities committed suicide this week. People are posting suicide hotline numbers alongside advice for getting help for yourself or for helping others. I “like” each one of these posts. Sometimes I even “love” them. I have deep conversations with friends about the importance of removing the stigma around depression. I share confidently my opinion […]

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Here I am Suddenly.

Here we are. The week of the wedding. There was not a lot of fanfare leading up to this time. Not a ton of planning. The engagement was announced less than six months ago and in that span, life and also death, were given room to occur. The wedding preparations did not move everything else […]

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The Honor is Mine

Friday was a very challenging day for my children. The kind of day where you wish you could trade places with your children because their pain is so great. The kind of pain where you’re not quite sure what to say to ease the burden and you pray for guidance. That was the day that […]

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He left and she stayed.

She’s been my second mother for over half my life.  She has said many times to me, “You guys got divorced. I didn’t get divorced.” I’ve grappled with that a lot. How much does the relationship title matter? What are we now to each other? He left. She stayed. There is no one else here […]

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