My New Years Day is in July

For most people, their time to reflect on fulfillment and resolutions is January. For some people, the time of reckoning and planning follows a school calendar and is September.  Some others wait for their cultural or religious new years’ schedules. I am realizing that although I try to set intentions for my year at each […]

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The Honor is Mine

Friday was a very challenging day for my children. The kind of day where you wish you could trade places with your children because their pain is so great. The kind of pain where you’re not quite sure what to say to ease the burden and you pray for guidance. That was the day that […]

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Teaching Her to Drive Away

Sometimes being a single mom feels like a burden. And sometimes it’s a gift. Teaching my youngest daughter to drive has felt like both. She passes her driving permit test on her birthday, the last day of May, a day that we have both been eagerly awaiting. This is going to be great! This is […]

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Making Space for Meaning

I feel like I got my money’s worth from this Yom Kippur – so much so that there has been an overflow of rumination, thoughts, and emotions even throughout today. I took advantage of the space that I usually don’t permit myself to sit in. I stopped whack-a-moling my thoughts, and instead I allowed many […]

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Days of Judgment

This past year I have become more aware of judgment in all its forms. We can judge a situation as good or bad, judge whether someone meets our approval or not, or make a judgment call that utilizes wisdom to make decisions. One of my daughters often asks me,” Is that bad that I feel […]

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Fear of My Wishes Coming True

Tomorrow morning my teenager returns from a 3 week service trip in Africa. This is the first time that one of my children will have experienced an unfulfilled bucket-list item of mine. Since I was young, I have always dreamt of doing exactly what she has now done – going to Africa, going on Safari, […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver. So much is wrapped up in the symbolism of that song for me. When my guitar teacher suggested I try that one recently, I experienced so much more than the anticipation of learning a new song. I had been asking for an easier song that I could […]

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